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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Energy-saving technologies in production

NLMK Metalware strives to operate at least possible costs. To achieve this, the company implements programmes aimed at improving the efficiency of production, including integration of energy-saving technologies into production processes.

Key elements of our strategy aimed at enhancing energy efficiency include:

  • continuous improvement of production processes to reduce the consumption of energy;
  • technological modernization, equipment upgrades, use of new technologies;
  • introducing energy-efficient processes, equipment, materials and engineering, benchmarking against best available technologies;
  • enhancement of energy resource procurement efficiency;
  • improvement of energy consumption management systems;
  • compliance with the laws regulating resource consumption.

The key goal is efficient steel production with minimal fuel & energy costs.


  • compliance with legislation of the Russian Federation, national and international standards on energy saving and energy efficiency improvement, including international standard ISO 50001;
  • reliable power supply of operations;
  • improved energy efficiency of operations in line with the objectives based on energy efficiency analysis;
  • use of the best available energy-efficient technologies and equipment in the development of investment projects;
  • promotion of energy efficient equipment and materials based on energy efficiency analysis over the life cycle;
  • introduction of efficient motivation mechanisms for sustainable use of resources.


In 2015 the Company upgraded its industrial lighting system using energy-efficient lighting equipment.

27 million rubles was invested in the project

The lighting system was upgraded on the most energy intensive and significant6 facilities: steel wire shop, fastenings shop, and nail shop.  

Certification of NLMK Metalware Energy Management System for compliance with the ISO 50001:2011 standard by BSI (British Standards Institution) in 2015 confirmed the efficiency of the plant’s efforts to implement the best available technologies in the area of energy consumption optimization and the rational use of energy resources.

Specific energy intensity, Gcal/t