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Low-carbon wire is available in 1.2 to 6.0 mm diameters; it is also possible to produce >0.3 mm diameters.

Modern equipment enables rewinding the wire into small coils weighing from 50 to 100 kg, and also to perform calibration with the required properties in mind.

Types of produced wire:

- General purpose wire;

- Welding wire;

- Wire for concrete reinforcement;

- Wire for overhead communication lines;

- Wire for armouring electrical wires and conductor cables;

- Polygraphic wire;

- Barbed monobasic corrugated wire and others

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Self-tapping screws

Self-tapping screws are made of carbon steel of structural quality.

The maximum length of fasteners is 200 mm.

Types of produced self-tapping screws:

- Self-tapping screws for plasterboard;

- Self-tapping screws with pressure pads for metal sheet fastening;

- Self-tapping screws for wood;

- Furniture fasteners;

- Nail-screws and others.

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Nails are made of low-carbon non-heat-treated general application steel wire.

Nails are produced with a 1.2 to 6 mm rod diameter. Nail lengths range from 25 to 200 mm.

Types of produced nails:

- Construction nails;

- Roofing nails;

- Composition nails;

- Finishing nails;

- Box nails;

- Moulding pins;

- Nails for asbestos board roofing;

- Finishing;

Screw-shank nail/ring-shank nails, cartridge nails and others.

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