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Its production site is equipped with modern equipment from leading European manufacturers, including Koch, MarioFrigerio, TeamMeccanica, FIB, EBNER, WAFIOS.

The NLMK Metalware plant produces low-carbon metalware: wire, fasteners (self-tapping screws) and nails.  

NLMK Metalware has three workshops: Steel wire shop (Beryozovsky), fastenings shop (Beryozovsky) and nail shop (Revda).

Production process

  • The wire rod, which is used for wire production, is manufactured at the NLMK Ural rolling mill in Beryozovsky.
  • The wire is used to make nails and self-tapping screws by cold heading technology.

The NLMK Metalware plant has the most state-of-the-art production facilities in the country: 100% of the equipment was revamped by 2007. At present the company’s facilities are able to produce 0.56 million tonnes of metalware annually.

The product mix of the steel wire shop is low-carbon wire of 0.3–0.6 mm, cold-drawn rebar of 5.0–8.0 mm. The shop is equipped with direct flow drawing machines (41 pcs.) of two to twelve lugs by KOCH (Germany), MARIO FRIGERIO (Italy), TEAM MECCANICA (Italy).  

The shop has five areas:      

1. Rough drawing area  

The rough drawing area includes a wire rod storage of 2,500 tonnes’ capacity. Mechanical clearing is carried out before drawing low-carbon wire. The wire diameter is 1.2 to 6.0 mm.  

2. Wire processing area

In the wire processing area, there are two wire hot-dip galvanized lines of 1.2 to 6.0 mm diameter, which do the heat treatment and galvanize the wire. The production capacity of the two lines is 43 thousand tonnes per year.  

There are also three EBNER bell furnaces and electric phosphatization line. The bell furnaces do the heat treatment of the commercial wire and billets for downstream production. The electric phosphatization line processes and calibrates the wire for fastenings production.  

3. Fine drawing area  

The fine drawing area is used for wire mesh and barbed wire production. M+E wet drawing mills and two heat treatment and galvanization lines for the wire of 0.2 to 1.0 mm diameter were put into operation in 2007.  

4. Dies area  

The dies production area uses hard alloyed technological tool for drawing and shaping of the wire.  

5. Finished product area  

The finished product area is used for acceptance, storage and shipment of finished products.

The fastenings shop produces self-tapping screws for wood, press washer screws for metal, for plasterboard, nail-screws.  

The fastenings shop is fully equipped with state-of-the-are equipment: Hilgеland, Wafios (Germany) machines for cold heading and rolling, Ilvet (Italy) cleaning machines, Kohnle (Germany) furnaces for thermochemical treatment, Weighpack (the Netherlands) packing line, Mans (Germany) fastenings phosphatization line.  

The shop produces billets for self-tapping screws, then the cleaning machines cleans the billet for thread rolling and the final step is thermal treatment. Fastenings go to one of the following lines: electrolytic galvanizing and phosphatization line. Then fastening packaged in cartons by weight and the number of screws.  

Self-tapping screws are produced on a set of equipment with a total capacity to 0.7 thousand tonnes per month, which allows production of fastenings with a maximum length of up to 140 mm from the 1.85–6.0 mm diameter wire.

There are 209 nailing machines and 4 packaging machines.  

Product mix: construction nails, roofing nails, composition nails, box nails, annular and spiral grooved nails, finishing nails from galvanized wire, etc.  

Nails are delivered in cardboard boxes weighing 5 and 25 kg. NLMK Metalware supplies to all the regions of Russia as well as beyond its borders, mainly to the CIS and Europe.

NLMK Metalware supplies all the regions of the Russian Federation as well as foreign countries mostly the CIS and Europe.