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9 August 2016

NLMK Metalware has mastered the packaging of wire for the needs of small wholesale and retail trade

NLMK Metalware, one of the largest manufacturers of metalware products, expands its product range in an answer to the customers requests, including those of end users.

The Company has launched two wire rewinding lines, first in Russia of its kinds, capable of coiling small 50 - 100 kg coils, while previously the minimum coil weight was 1 tonne. This will offer consumers more convenient products of small wholesale and retail trade sizes and, as a result, improve the service. The first orders for welding wire in small coils have already been shipped to consumers.

The new lines are intended for rewinding of welding, non-heat-treated and heat-treated wire, which is used for manufacturing various frames, packaging, etc. One line winds a 1.2 – 3 mm wire in a coil of a reduced size: only half a meter in dimensions with a 50 kg weight. On the other line winds a 3 – 6 mm wire in a coils weighing from 80 to 100 kg.

A unique feature of the new lines is also that, in addition to rewinding the wire, they can be calibrated taking into account the technological and operational properties required by a particular customer.

New product parameters make it suitable for both wholesale and retail sales. Reducing the weight and size of the coil allows the end user of NLMK Metalware products to leave behind additional rewinding devices and also to facilitate manual labour.

The cost of acquisition and installation of new production lines amounted to close to 20 million rubles. The equipment was installed by Mario Frigerio, Italy, which in 2004 already supplied twelve drawing machines for the production of wire to NLMK Metalware.

Fanis Khusainov, NLMK Metalware CEO, said: "NLMK Metalware produces a wide range of wire, which is used for industrial and household applications. The most popular types of our products include wire for concrete reinforcement, galvanized and welding wire. NLMK Metalware equipment enables manufacturing of steel with additional preperties at the customer's request. Now we are pleased to offer wire in a more convenient format, which was not previously available on the Russian market“.