• One of the leading suppliers of low-carbon metalware in Russia

NLMK Metalware produces a wide range of low-carbon wire, nails and self-tapping screws. The plant is located in Beryozovsky and produces 885 types and sizes of metalware products. The company is managed by NLMK Long Products.

NLMK Long Products is a management company which consolidates NLMK Group's long products operations. NLMK Long Products division is one of the largest producers of long products and metalware in Russia; the companies in the division form a closed production cycle: from ferrous scrap collection and processing to the production of high-value steel products: rebar, wire rods and metalware.

A strong position in the market

20 %

Share of NLMK Metalware on the low-carbon metalware market in Russia

High level of corporate responsibility

  •  660 employeeswork at the plant
  •  + 13 % to the payments for extended social security package in 2017 году
  •  > 1, 3 million rubles was allocated for support of long-service employees of the plant